Home Insurance

Owning a home is most people’s biggest investment. When most people think of their home, theyremember all the memories they have enjoyed as a family. From the many delicious meals around the dining room table, enjoying a movie together on family night, and the security of everyone being home under one roof at night!  The cherished memories you hold and the peace your home brings is what we do our best to protect at Popular Insurance.  We have all seen the poor people on the news after a devastating flood or hurricane standing in front of their ruined homes.  God forbid that ever happens but if it does you want to be protected! 

Popular Insurance has been covering our friends and family in North Miami for over 30 years.  Based on your needs we can offer you coverage for the structure of your home, your contents, your family and guests.  As an Independent Agent, Popular Agency is appointed with many home owners companies like Citizens, Universal Property & Casualty, Tower Hill, Homeowners Choice and many more.  The various companies have unique products offering you a choice to get the appropriate coverage to fulfill your needs.

Every home owner has different needs.  Whether you don’t need to cover your contents just the dwelling?  Currently renting and don’t need to cover the dwelling but want to make sure your personal belongings are covered?  Need flood insurance?  Condominium Insurance?  We can help you with all of it!  We will do our best to find the right company with the right coverage designed specifically for you! 

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